Vintage online shop: selection of second-hand clothing for women and men

About us

Valérie and Shanelle also known as, ‘Val and Sha’, founded this concept following a succession of painful events in 2018.
An idea, a tribute. The obvious followed…

In the 1980s, Val was studying professional industrial clothing. This sector has developed a real passion for vintage clothes.
It was in 1992 that Sha’s beautiful blue eyes were born. From early on, Sha accompanied her mother from thrift shop to thrift shop. Naturally, she followed her mother’s lifestyle. The result is a passion for vintage style clothing.

To this day, faithful to her sewing machine, Val inspirationally repairs, creates and transforms rare and unique pieces, each chosen with love. Pipa Vintage is inspired by this intimate love story between a mother and a daughter.

Our concept is based on an eco-responsible lifestyle as well as a vegetarian diet in favour of the animal and climate cause. As well as our principles for second-hand clothing sales, upcyclingand recyclingwhich is a necessity in the face of overconsumption by the population.

Our eShop will let you express your freedom of style through our unique pieces dating from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. On our website you will find many types of second-hand clothing for women and men: brand, streetwear and sportswear.

Our website updates propose new vintage-style clothing once or twice a month. This project exists today thanks to the encouragement and love of two fathers, allowing us to fulfil our dreams. The name “Pipa Vintage” is created by anagram of Papa (Daddy) and Papi (Grandpa).


In memory of Jean-François and Christian.
A freedom taken, a new lease of life…